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Suggest prompts and themes here. Anything goes: words, phrases, quotes, lyrics, photographs, music... If it has the potential to inspire, leave a comment!
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short fuse

(taken by me)


January 29 2009, 11:36:36 UTC 9 years ago Edited:  January 29 2009, 11:36:50 UTC

An autumn breeze upon the air

The idea of getting too involved in something that doesn't necessarily have to do with you.
my tongue still misbehaves and it keeps digging my own grave.
They say you are twisted by the sea,
you are cut apart
by wave-break upon wave-break,
that you are misshapen by the sharp rocks,
broken by the rasp and after-rasp.
That you are cut, torn, mangled,
torn by the stress and beat,
no stronger than the strips of sand
along your ragged beach.

- "Sea Gods," by H.D. (Hilda Doolittle)
Sonata for Unaccompanied Minor
Fugitive Variations
discs we played over and over

on the one-armed phonograph
Childish we were in our adoration
of the dead composer

- "Wallpaper," by Adrienne Rich
After The Argument, by Stephen Dunn.

(but especially this line - And their sex was a knot
untying itself, a prolonged
coming loose.
The Uses of Sorrow, by Mary Oliver.
(In my sleep I dreamed this poem)

Someone I loved once gave me
a box full of darkness.

It took me years to understand
that this, too, was a gift.