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Prompt Post [2]

Here be your prompts for today.

1. I am nothing without you, but I don't know who you are

2. The Hollow Men; TS Eliot

3. gloaming

(from Wikipedia)
1. twilight, as at early morning or (especially) early evening; dusk

synonyms; * crepuscule, sundown, twilight, vespers

Go forth and write!

(Submit prompts here.)


Prompt Post [1]

Here be your prompts for today.

1. we've got the dreamer's disease

2. disabilities; the struggle and the hope

3. Picture Here

Go forth and write!



Suggest prompts and themes here. Anything goes: words, phrases, quotes, lyrics, photographs, music... If it has the potential to inspire, leave a comment!


Hello, everyone! Welcome to sousakusha, a community intended to function as an online writing group. Membership is restricted in the interests of keeping the community tight-knit, but if we know you or know your friends, chances are you'll be accepted. We'd just like to keep the group relatively small and closely connected so everyone is comfortable sharing their work.

The goal of sousakusha is to help you write, whether that takes the form of helping you overcome procrastination or writer's block, or giving you feedback on material you are unsure of. Here is a basic rundown of how things are projected to work (though you are more than welcome to make suggestions!):

1. Weekly Goals - Members are required to post a minimum of 500 words every week. This can take the form of one piece of writing or several.

2. Weekly Themes/Prompts - Every week we will have a new theme or prompt to work with, as selected by the community. Suggestions for themes and prompts can be left here, and every Friday three new prompts will be posted for your use.

Working with the selected themes/prompts is OPTIONAL. As long as you're writing, we don't care what it's about!

3. Feedback - Feedback is half the reason we're here! It takes a lot of courage to show your writing to a group of people, especially when it's unfinished, so it's only fair that the people who get to see it give their thoughts. And this goes without saying, but make sure criticism is constructive -- and when criticized, try not to take anything too personally.

It is highly suggested that you give feedback to at least 2-3 posts per week. Not required, but if you are consistently inactive we may have you track you down and have A Serious Discussion with you. ;)

4. Privacy - The security level of your posts is completely up to you. If you're comfortable posting publicly, you are welcome to. If you'd rather post things f-locked, that is understandable as well.

5. Discussion - Posting is open, so you are free to make an update on anything that's relevant and could spark discussion in the community, e.g. outlining, character-building, theme, pacing, etc.

6. Fandom - We are all of us from different backgrounds and, likely, different fandoms. Don't worry about it. Write and post whatever strikes your fancy, whether it be fanfiction or original fiction. We are multifandom-friendly!

7. This Is Not An Totalitarian Regime. Seriously. If you have any problems or suggestions with regard to how the community is run, leave a comment or an e-mail!




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